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XI Tenerife Festival 50´s Rock´n´roll
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XI Tenerife Festival 50´s Rock´n´roll

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This year is the eleventh edition of the Tenerife Festival of Rock'n'Roll 50's, from the 22 hours of October 11 until 4 in the morning of 13 October, thanks to The Vulcans Rockers Club.

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Hotel Panoramic Garden (The Realejos-Tenerife). -Friday: 22:00 Little Big Rebel and The Quasars. - Saturday: 13:00 Hawaiian Party, The Mishaps, The Riveters, and Parking Boards. - Saturday: 22:00 Rockin'Balboas, Lewis Black Cats and Fireballs Enma and the NCB. - The DJs are: Big Vinnie, Baby Jane and Psichosoma and Bad Bitch. Tickets (collaborations): 10 € Friday and Hawaiian, 10 € Saturday and Hawaiian, Hawaiian 5€.